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news & events June 2018

Photos of the "World Cup" Rally & dinner of June 28, 2018


The principle of cardiac coherence is to control his heartbeat in order to better control his brain. Calm breathing helps regulate your heart rate and autonomic nervous system.

Discover this Cardiac Coherence exercise, on meditative sounds

"Crossing the Rubicon"

This expression dates from 49 BC. J.-C.

The Rubicon was a river that separated Gaul from Italy. Pompey had ordered that any army let go of its weapons before returning to Rome. Ignoring the decreed measure, Caesar crossed the Rubicon and transgressed Roman law, thus launching a mortal challenge to Pompey and the Senate. The opportunity for him to pronounce, the famous formula: "Alea jacta est" (the die is cast). By crossing the Rubicon, Caesar had taken an irreversible decision that risked starting a civil war but he assumed it perfectly and he did not have to regret it since he then took the reins of power.

This famous episode in history gave birth to the expression "crossing the Rubicon", referring to a person embarking on a risky business with an uncertain outcome.

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